Shining a Light on Women’s Health

Cyalume Medical Supports Womens Health

While the SpecuLume EZ speculum has a list of benefits, the real star is the light. The single use speculum offers brilliant diffused intra-vaginal illumination using chemiluminescent technology. What that means for clinicians is greater visibility for the exam area, and more thorough, comprehensive exams for patients. With this game-changing light, everybody wins.   So […]

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

Cyalume Medical Cervical Cancer Awareness Month (January) concept with teal and white awareness ribbon. Colorful vector illustration for web and printing.

According to the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, more than 14,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer each year, but the disease is preventable with vaccination and appropriate screening. At Cyalume, making strides to enhance medical screenings for women is our main priority. It drives our motivation and was the impetus […]

The Gift of Better Healthcare for Women

Healthcare is always benefitting from different advances in technology and processes. At Cyalume, we know because we are on the forefront of changing women’s health care. Our SpecuLume EZ is shifting patient care and clinician effectiveness. Many women and clinicians alike have gripes about annual exams at the gynecologist. And if you ask why, you’ll […]

Holiday Lights Have Nothing on Us!

It’s starting. The season where homes and businesses everywhere get all outfitted for the holiday season. Little by little the twinkling lights are starting to emerge. Soon, everywhere you look, neighborhoods will be illuminated by the glow and flicker of lights setting the tone for the season. But all of those lights have nothing on […]

Help Stop The Spread of HPV with Single-Use Speculums

Approximately 79 million Americans are infected with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) according to the Cleveland Clinic. With an additional 14 million newly infected each year. While the majority of HPV transmissions can be attributed to sexual contact, it’s also possible to spread HPV through subpar sterilization of medical devices and tools, such as speculums.   […]

Five Things Your Patients Hate Most About Traditional Speculums

Gynecological exams aren’t exactly at the top of the list for how women want to spend their time. Sliding into the stirrups can be anxiety-inducing enough and when that speculum makes an appearance, women everywhere cringe. We do it because we know it’s important to proactively get regular exams and screenings, but the traditional speculum […]

Common Complications Caused by Traditional Speculums

While there are tried and true practices that accompany medical exams and processes, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a healthy dose of improvement. This is certainly the case with the design and functionality of traditional speculums. Check out these four common challenges associated with old school speculums and how SpecuLume EZ is solving […]

The Most Reliable Tools Used Throughout Women’s Health Practices

Women should have access to knowledge, resources and tools that allow them to feel empowered about their health care. Medical technology and research continue to open the doors to more pertinent information about women’s health concerns and how we can better address them. Physicians everywhere are continuing to broaden their scope of knowledge and expertise […]

COVID-19 Today: How Is the Virus Affecting Gynecology?

Once again, due to the upswing of COVID cases many patients may find themselves having their routine, non-emergency medical appointments delayed. Medical professionals are having to navigate patient safety concerns with mask mandates, gloves and sanitizer (for both providers and patients) becoming even more of a mainstay in most medical offices and hospitals. Since it […]

How Cyalume is Building a Better Patient Experience

The patient experience is made up of many components and moving parts that all work together – technology, expertise, skilled healthcare providers and more. At Cyalume, we are dedicated to doing our part to create the best patient experience possible. Our 40 years of experience as a leader in chemical light solutions, and as an […]