What Are the Benefits of Using Chemiluminescence in a Medical Setting?

The light source activated by a non-toxic, user-safe chemical reaction, also known as chemiluminescence, is an ideal alternative to traditional lighting used in a medical setting. The key ingredients that ignite chemiluminescence are often stored in a plastic cartridge that can be easily transported and installed on larger medical devices. Best of all, chemiluminescent light […]

How to Increase Efficiency Throughout Your Medical Practice

These days, medical facilities are always looking for ways to streamline internal and external practices. They want to keep operations running efficiently and effectively, so both physicians and patients are getting what they need to complete successful appointments. At Cyalume Medical, we understand the challenges medical practices face in order to keep day-to-day inner workings […]

Does the Size of a Speculum Affect the Success of a Pelvic Exam?

A successful pelvic exam is made up of many different factors. The medical environment is expected to be sterile and clear of any harmful contaminants. The physician should be properly trained in completing a safe and thorough exam. The patient should be aware of the expectations and risks associated with a standard pelvic exam; however, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chemiluminescence Used in Medicine

Developments in technology have brought medicine many practical innovations, including advancements in tools, devices, and equipment. Chemiluminescence, a non-heat emission of light, is one of those advancements. If you are considering incorporating chemiluminescence with your facility’s current practices, you may want to dive deeper into the details behind chemiluminescent light. Understanding Chemiluminescence Chemiluminescence, the light […]

The Costly Consequences of Patient Discomfort

Women who receive routine pelvic examinations are often met with uncomfortable experiences. Many medical practices and facilities tend to leave their patients feeling anxious, tense, and overtly unsatisfied. On the surface, patient discomfort seems like just a momentary inconvenience; however, continued patient discomfort can lead to pricey consequences endured by medical practices. There are several […]

How the Risk of Cross-Contamination is Changing Medicine

Since the dawn of medicine, cross-contamination has been a threat to patient and physician health. Those involved with a medical procedure or examination had a high chance of being exposed to harmful bacteria, especially if the environment or tools used during each interaction were not deemed safe. The only difference between then and now is […]

The Importance of a Standardized Pelvic Examination

A pelvic examination is a routine medical screening of a woman’s reproductive organs. This particular exam helps physicians evaluate abnormalities in the rectum and pelvis and source any causes of pain, bleeding, or discomfort. During this short exam, physicians perform a manual uterine palpitation of the vagina, cervix, ovaries, and uterus. Although the pelvic exam […]

How Can the SpecuLume EZ Save Your Practice Money?

Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ, the single-use chemiluminated vaginal speculum, can provide physicians, patients, and medical practices with an array of key benefits – like the benefit of being cost-effective. This modern medical device was specifically designed to combat cross-contamination, increase patient comfort levels, and increase patient turnover. That being said, how exactly can the SpecuLume […]

The Benefits of Using Individually Packaged Medical Devices

Single-use medical devices are individually packaged. This means they are ready for use without having come into contact with other medical devices, equipment, or contaminants. These devices are intended to be used once on a single patient and immediately discarded as medical waste after an examination. What are the benefits of using individually packaged medical […]

Common Sterilization Risks Clinicians Should Be on the Lookout For

A medical practice must enact routine sterilization procedures in order to safely use reusable medical devices; however, there are specific risks associated with modern chemical sterilization. More specifically, excess chemicals can pose risks to staff members and patients during the sterilization of reusable speculums and reusable batteries. Common sterilization, also known as reprocessing, risks can […]