Now Is the Time for Single-Use Devices

As a healthcare provider you’ve recently experienced first-hand the substantial impact that cross-contamination can pose. Simple processes and office activities that you once did are now subject to review, not only by you but also by your patients. The typical person, your patient, now has a heightened awareness to what can happen if they are […]

Dangerous Liabilities Gynecologists Can Avoid by Using Proper Lighting

Proper lighting is necessary to successfully completing a vaginal examination. Whether that lighting is external or is included in the design of a medical device, it must be present while a gynecologist is performing an exam. Insufficient lighting can lead to dangerous liabilities that affect the physician’s performance. No matter how experienced or educated a […]

Key Tips to Increase Patient Retention at Your Gynecology Practice

When running any kind of medical practice, patient retention is a major factor that can influence the practice’s success. As we all know, it’s much more cost effective to keep an existing patient then to invest in acquiring a new one. Medical offices, especially gynecological offices, need to focus on increasing patient retention by improving […]

The Importance of Preventing Cross-Contamination

If cross-contamination was not already a key talking point among your practice’s team members, there’s no doubt today’s conversations include concerns regarding cross-contamination. Cross-contamination is the transfer of harmful bacteria or other microorganisms from an individual, object, or surface to another unique individual, object, or surface. With the rise of virus and healthcare-associated infection transmissions, […]

Coronavirus and Gynecology: How Will Your Patients Be Affected?

Over the course of early 2020, the coronavirus disease outbreak, also known as COVID-19, has rapidly spread through major countries throughout the world. The virus was declared an official “pandemic” by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020, and the President of the United States declared a National Emergency on March 13, 2020. While […]

How to Use Cyalume Medical’s SpecuLume EZ: A Quick and Easy Guide

The SpecuLume EZ is the only single-use speculum that combines the brilliance of chemiluminescent light with an advanced design. Fast. Simple. Safe. To help you and your team facilitate easy use of the SpecuLume EZ, we’re providing a visual and written guide demonstrating this medical device’s simple activation process. How to Use a SpecuLume EZ […]

How Does the SpecuLume EZ Compare to Other Speculums on the Market?

While selecting medical devices to supply your practice, you should be educated regarding the many options available to you. More specifically, each speculum offered to gynecologists provides varied benefits and consequences based on each’s respective features. Cyalume Medical can proudly say the SpecuLume EZ is one of the most effective and efficient medical devices available […]

What’s Wrong with a Traditional Speculum’s Design?

It’s hard to believe a medical device’s design can influence a patient’s experience during a pelvic examination. Over the years, physicians and patients have reported the traditional speculum to be flawed in design. Although much more modern speculums have entered the medical device marketplace, physicians should be aware of a traditional speculum’s key design flaws […]

What Are the Key Benefits of a Single-Use Speculum?

As the medical industry moves forward with improvements in technology, research, and treatments, it’s only natural that the medical devices used prove to be equally beneficial to both patients and physicians. One medical device projected to be the future of gynecology is the single-use, disposable speculum. First and foremost, single-use speculums significantly decrease risks of […]

How Cyalume Medical Is Designing Speculums for the New Decade

The new decade is finally here, and 2020 is ushering in the brightest innovations in medical technology. Cyalume Medical, a division of Cyalume Technologies, is revolutionizing gynecology’s oldest medical device, the speculum, with its SpecuLume EZ. This single-use, disposable speculum provides vivid illumination using patient-safe, chemiluminescent technology. In the past, clinicians would perform vaginal examinations […]