How Does the SpecuLume EZ Compare to Other Speculums on the Market?

While selecting medical devices to supply your practice, you should be educated regarding the many options available to you. More specifically, each speculum offered to gynecologists provides varied benefits and consequences based on each’s respective features. Cyalume Medical can proudly say the SpecuLume EZ is one of the most effective and efficient medical devices available […]

What’s Wrong with a Traditional Speculum’s Design?

It’s hard to believe a medical device’s design can influence a patient’s experience during a pelvic examination. Over the years, physicians and patients have reported the traditional speculum to be flawed in design. Although much more modern speculums have entered the medical device marketplace, physicians should be aware of a traditional speculum’s key design flaws […]

What Are the Key Benefits of a Single-Use Speculum?

As the medical industry moves forward with improvements in technology, research, and treatments, it’s only natural that the medical devices used prove to be equally beneficial to both patients and physicians. One medical device projected to be the future of gynecology is the single-use, disposable speculum. First and foremost, single-use speculums significantly decrease risks of […]

How Cyalume Medical Is Designing Speculums for the New Decade

The new decade is finally here, and 2020 is ushering in the brightest innovations in medical technology. Cyalume Medical, a division of Cyalume Technologies, is revolutionizing gynecology’s oldest medical device, the speculum, with its SpecuLume EZ. This single-use, disposable speculum provides vivid illumination using patient-safe, chemiluminescent technology. In the past, clinicians would perform vaginal examinations […]

Where Is Cross-Contamination Prominent in a Gynecologist’s Office?

In today’s age, cross-contamination is still a very real concern for gynecologists. Physicians are trained to protect patients and fellow staff members from the harmful effects of cross-contamination. These effects, brought on by microorganisms, can compromise the safety of the practice by spreading through a number of different routes, including physical contact, airborne spread, respiratory […]

When Should Females Start Visiting a Gynecologist?

As a gynecologist, you know every woman needs to be examined to maintain good health. A standard examination is recommended for adult women of all ages; however, some females may need to pay a visit to the gynecologist for specific reasons. They may be treated for irregular menstration patterns, treated for a sexually transmitted disease, […]

Best Ways to Make Your Patient’s Gynecology Appointment a Comfortable Experience

A woman visiting her gynecologist expects the most comfortable experience. Often though, that is not what she receives. Many medical practices leave their patients feeling anxious, tense, and just plain unsatisfied. Thankfully, there are tactics gynecologist offices can keep in mind to improve each patient’s unique experience. Punctuality No one enjoys waiting. It brings on […]

Size Matters: Why Gynecologists Should Carry Speculums of All Sizes

Contrary to popular belief, medical devices are not one-size-fits-all. More specifically, when gynecologists use speculums of the same size during each and every patient’s exam, there is a higher chance the patient will leave dissatisfied. Why? No two patients are the same. In order for gynecologists to provide proper medical care, they must use a […]

Which Infections Can Be Contracted Through Cross-Contamination?

When it comes to practicing medicine and operating a safe healthcare facility, medical practitioners need to be keen on keeping the environment as sterile as possible. For gynecologists, protecting patients and staff becomes a key objective. Microorganisms can compromise the safety of the practice by spreading through a number of different routes, including physical contact, […]

How Can a Single-Use Speculum Be Environmentally Friendly?

As the medical industry becomes increasingly complex over time, it seems physicians will require more resources to treat patients. More resources would inevitably mean more waste to dispose. Today, medical offices are attempting to find ways to reduce the amount of waste they produce while also maintaining eco-friendly practices. More specifically, gynecologists are introducing single-use […]