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What Are the Benefits of Using Chemiluminescence in a Medical Setting?

The light source activated by a non-toxic, user-safe chemical reaction, also known as chemiluminescence, is an ideal alternative to traditional lighting used in a medical setting. The key ingredients that ignite chemiluminescence are often stored in a plastic cartridge that can be easily transported and installed on larger medical devices. Best of all, chemiluminescent light […]

Everything You Need to Know About Chemiluminescence Used in Medicine

Developments in technology have brought medicine many practical innovations, including advancements in tools, devices, and equipment. Chemiluminescence, a non-heat emission of light, is one of those advancements. If you are considering incorporating chemiluminescence with your facility’s current practices, you may want to dive deeper into the details behind chemiluminescent light. Understanding Chemiluminescence Chemiluminescence, the light […]