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Common Sterilization Risks Clinicians Should Be on the Lookout For

A medical practice must enact routine sterilization procedures in order to safely use reusable medical devices; however, there are specific risks associated with modern chemical sterilization. More specifically, excess chemicals can pose risks to staff members and patients during the sterilization of reusable speculums and reusable batteries. Common sterilization, also known as reprocessing, risks can […]

The Evolution of the Vaginal Speculum

Medical innovations have the opportunity to transform the institution of medicine, and more importantly, individual patient lives. Specific technology, equipment, or devices can have long-term impact on the way medical examinations are completed. Join Cyalume Medical as we review the evolution of one of medicine’s oldest medical devices: the vaginal speculum. The Birth of the […]

What Drives Physicians to Opt for Single-Use Medical Devices?

Reusable devices versus single-use devices: that is the age-old battle when it comes to medical inventory. Each individual medical practice will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both options; however, many will find that single-use devices are universally preferred among physicians across a variety of healthcare specialties. What drives physicians to choose single-use […]

The Dangers of Biodebris and Medical Device Contamination

Now more than ever, cross-contamination is a legitimate concern for those individuals operating small or large medical facilities. Cross-contamination occurs when biodebris containing harmful properties is carried over to another host. Bacteria and contaminants can spread to staff members or patients through physical contact, airborne spread, respiratory droplet transmission, or physical objects. Sterilization can help […]

How to Reduce Costs Throughout Your Medical Practice

Costs to operate a medical practice can be expensive. Traditional fixed expenses include employee payroll, office space, insurances, medical technology, and equipment. Variable expenses may include marketing, professional development, or industry memberships. When almost every aspect of your establishment seems like a necessary expense, how can you afford to cut costs without cutting the quality […]

Why Should Your Practice Use Disposable, Individually Packaged Medical Tools?

Single-use, or disposable, medical devices are universally preferred by physicians and medical staff. These tools are individually packaged, meaning they arrive without having come into contact with other devices or contaminants. These devices are intended to be used once on a single patient and immediately discarded as medical waste after an examination. Why should your […]

Preventing Cross-Contamination During COVID-19: What Your Practice Can Do

Cross-contamination continues to be a legitimate concern for gynecologists, especially during the global pandemic COVID-19. Cross-contamination can compromise the safety of a medical practice by spreading through a number of different routes, including physical contact, airborne spread, respiratory droplet transmission, or physical objects. Preventing cross-contamination within a gynecology office should be priority when the health […]

The Benefits of a Chemiluminated Medical Device

Chemiluminated medical devices are revolutionizing the way gynecology is practiced. Thanks to this modern lighting’s focus on safety, time efficiency, and cost effectiveness, chemiluminescence provides gynecologists with countless benefits seen before, during, and after a vaginal examination.  Safe A chemiluminated medical device will provide elevated lighting during a vaginal examination. Traditionally, medical lighting is used […]

What Are the Risks of Traditional Sterilization Practices?

Staff members running a medical facility will always have to manage general disinfectants. A practice needs to be clean and safe to operate, and routine sterilization is typically an important part of a properly functioning medical office; however, there are certain risks associated with chemical sterilization practices. In gynecological offices, excess chemicals are present through […]

Key Patient Retention Strategies to Maintain During a Global Pandemic

A loyal patient base can keep a medical office above water during trying times. Patients often value an attentive staff, open communication, and safe medical practices. If your practice is struggling due to the consequences of the global pandemic, you should consider implementing these key patient retention strategies.  Utilize your patient portal. Recently, there has […]