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Cyalume Vaginal SpecuLume

The SpecuLume™ by Cyalume Medical gives OB/GYNs the ability to deliver bright, functional light directly to the examination area without outside devices Cyalume Medical is revolutionizing a long-standard medical device with the introduction of their SpecuLume™. This single-use plastic disposable vaginal speculum provides vivid illumination with the use of chemiluminescence technology. “Today, clinicians performing vaginal […]

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What is the Cyalume Speculume?

Or, What is a vaginal speculum and how does chemiluminescence increase its effectiveness? A traditional vaginal speculum, made of metal or sometimes plastic, consists of a hollow cylinder with a rounded end that is divided into two hinged parts. Somewhat resembling the beak of a duck, the vaginal speculum was created by J. Marion Sims […]