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Advances in Women’s Healthcare Are On the Rise


The advancements in women’s healthcare tools and technology continues to soar. The transition from rudimentary processes and procedures keeps sinking deeper into the past as providers and clinicians gain access to better ways and better tools to do their jobs. And it’s not slowing down. Breast Cancer is being found and treated earlier. Just a […]

Never Sacrifice Quality When It Comes to Patient Care


In the field of medicine sometimes people embrace change and sometimes they fight it. When there are tried and true processes that garner consistent results, it can be hard to sway some minds. However, Cyalume knows that change can be revolutionary. Could OBGYN offices continue using the old school speculums? Sure. And some do. But […]

Why Healthcare Practices are Still Cutting Costs


Many people and businesses are still looking for ways to streamline or cut costs following the height of the pandemic. There are tangible economic effects linked to residual factors from Covid and healthcare practices and providers are part of that dynamic in a variety of ways. One of the biggest trends we are seeing among […]

It’s Our Job to Make Patients More Comfortable

Many patients do research on medical providers. They check ratings, reviews and even social media. They ask friends for recommendations and sometimes even come in to conduct their own little interviews before establishing care. They do their due diligence because they want two things. 1. They want a clinician who is the most qualified and […]

Let’s Normalize Single-Use Speculums


While there is no shortage of medical advancements, there are some areas that still need an extra push to further adapt to newer procedures and tools.  It took a significant amount of time for anyone to take a stab at redesigning the speculum for the better. Way too long. As a matter of fact, there […]

Six Reasons to Switch to SpecuLumeEZ

Six Reasons to Switch to SpecuLumeEZ We know that old adage, “If it’s not broken don’t fix it.” But what if it is? What’s if it’s old, outdated and in desperate need of a change? You’d fix it right? Sure, the traditional speculum “works” but it was long overdue for a major upgrade. Cyalume overhauled […]

The Most Common Questions Patients Ask Their OBGYN

Questions to ask you OBGYN

The Most Common Questions Patients Ask Their OBGYN Patients may have many questions ahead of, during or even after a doctor’s visit. Perhaps they are curious about medications, procedures or have questions about exam specifics.  OBGYNs have a whole list of common questions frequently asked by patients. Here are the most common things they want […]

Does the Size of a Speculum Affect the Success of a Pelvic Exam?

A successful pelvic exam is made up of many different factors. The medical environment is expected to be sterile and clear of any harmful contaminants. The physician should be properly trained in completing a safe and thorough exam. The patient should be aware of the expectations and risks associated with a standard pelvic exam; however, […]

How the Risk of Cross-Contamination is Changing Medicine

Since the dawn of medicine, cross-contamination has been a threat to patient and physician health. Those involved with a medical procedure or examination had a high chance of being exposed to harmful bacteria, especially if the environment or tools used during each interaction were not deemed safe. The only difference between then and now is […]

The Importance of a Standardized Pelvic Examination

A pelvic examination is a routine medical screening of a woman’s reproductive organs. This particular exam helps physicians evaluate abnormalities in the rectum and pelvis and source any causes of pain, bleeding, or discomfort. During this short exam, physicians perform a manual uterine palpitation of the vagina, cervix, ovaries, and uterus. Although the pelvic exam […]