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speculume ez

The single middle-bolt design SpecuLume EZ is unlike other elevating plastic speculums that use a noisy ratcheting mechanism with pre-determined settings. Our design raises quietly and smoothly, and securely locks in place at any point with an easy-grip tightening nut preventing it from accidentally closing or slipping similar to the reliable standard metal speculum. When the examination is complete it releases easily by simply loosening the retaining nuts.

The illumination is created by simply squeezing the light insert to produce brilliant white chemical light. The light insert can be positioned on either the upper or lower blade depending on the clinician’s preference.

The SpecuLume EZ is the closest plastic version of the standard metal speculum on the market combined with unique and effective illumination.

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Available Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Advanced Science + Perfected Design = Improved Patient Experience

Four key features and benefits of the SpecuLume EZ that no other speculum on the market provides are:

  1. Single Middle Bolt Silently and Smoothly Elevates And Securely Locks The Upper Blade eliminating the annoying ratcheting noise that other speculums have that causes patient discomfort.
  2. Light Insert Can Be Placed On Either The Upper Or Lower Blade to allow flexibility to the clinician for optimal bright illumination depending on their particular preference or need.
  3. Large User Opening that provides the clinician with greater visual access and room for inserting instruments.
  4. The Handles Are At a 10° Angle Outward Away From The Patient to provide more space between the clinician’s hands and the patient.

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The SpecuLume EZ is the ONLY disposable speculum on the market where the light is positioned to provide actual “intravaginal illumination”. All other lighted speculums rely on light sources located near the handle that shines a beam of light into the cervical arena. Our unique technology positions the light source at the front end of the blades resulting in brilliant diffused illumination at the examination area.

The SpecuLume EZ provides unique benefits including: