SpecuLume EZ
Disposable Chemiluminated Vaginal Speculum

The SpecuLume EZ is a single-use plastic disposable vaginal speculum that provides vivid diffused illumination with the use of chemiluminesence technology. In addition to that it provides features that clinicians expect and some they don’t currently have in hand.

The single middle-bolt Graves design SpecuLume EZ allows the upper blade to be elevated allowing more visibility for the user similar to that of the standard metal speculum.  In addition, the light insert can be placed on either the upper or lower blade (or both) depending on the clinician’s preference.

The design of the SpecuLume EZ is unlike the existing elevating plastic speculums in that it does not use a ratcheting mechanism. Our design securely locks in place with a tightening nut preventing it from accidentally closing or slipping.

Four key features and benefits of the SpecuLume EZ that no other speculum on the market provides are:

  1. Single Middle Bolt Silently Elevates And Securely Locks The Upper Blade eliminating the annoying ratcheting noise that other speculums have that causes patient discomfort.
  2. Light Insert Can Be Placed On Either The Upper Or Lower Blade to allow flexibility to the clinician for optimal bright illumination depending on their particular preference or need.
  3. Large User Opening that provides the clinician with greater visual access and room for inserting instruments.
  4. The Handles Are At a 10° angle Angle Outward Away From The Patient to provide more space between the clinician’s hands and the patient.

The SpecuLume EZ provides quick and easy illumination in virtually any setting resulting in better patient care and cost-efficiencies.

The Key Differentiator of the SpecuLume EZ is that it is the ONLY disposable speculum on the market that provides “intravaginal illumination”. All other lighted speculums rely on light sources located near the handle that shines a beam of light into the vagina and cervical arena. By virtue of our unique technology we have positioned the light source at the front end of the blades resulting in internal illumination of the examination area when inserted for use.

The SpecuLume EZ provides unique benefits including:

  • No additional supplies, batteries, or electricity needed. Just “snap” it and use.
  • Easy-to-active light cartridge provides up to 15 minutes of light.
  • Light source generates no heat.
  • No harmful chemicals or risk to patient.
  • The viewing opening with our design (65mm high X 42mm wide) appears to be the larger than most options available.
  • The only speculum available that offers integrated top-blade lighting.
  • Provides brilliant “diffused” illumination rather than a harsh beam or ring of light delivering optimal dispersed lighting to the examination area.
  • Easier disposal as clinical waste and not dealing with batteries or hazardous material regulations.
  • Eliminates risk of cross-contamination or infection. Use once and dispose.
  • Lowers staff time/costs with no cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing.
  • Completely safe for the environment.