How to Use a SpecuLume
Speculum Instructions



The Simple Process Of Activating, Using and Disposing a SpecuLume EZ

How to use the Speculume EZ

Activating the SpecuLume is EZ…

  1. Remove SpecuLume EZ and light insert from packaging. The insert comes in an opaque black packet with a perforated edge along one long side.
  2. Using your thumbs firmly squeeze the insert to snap the ampule inside and shake to further activate the light insert. (Note: activate the insert right before the examination)
  3. Slide the light insert firmly into the distal end of the upper or lower blade.
  4. Adjust as required using the large flat nut to hold the upper blade elevated, and the smaller nut to hold the blades open.

That’s it. You now have bright light positioned at the tip of a clear, plastic speculum. Once the examination is complete simply dispose of the SpecuLume EZ as you would clinical waste – no need to disassemble or worry about hazardous materials; toss the entire device into the clinical waste container. There are no chemicals, batteries or hazardous waste management requirements that require special care.

From start to finish, there is no simpler or safer illuminated disposable speculum than the SpecuLume EZ.