What is the SpecuLume EZ?

It is a single-use, disposable vaginal speculum that provides illumination without the need for batteries or electricity.

How do your products work?

We have taken traditional hand-held devices that clinicians depend on and rather than relying on ambient light or battery-powered LED lighting, we’ve applied our expertise to integrate chemiluminescent lighting. The result is a safe and highly effective lighted device which provides the clinician with vivid diffused illumination exactly where he/she needs it most.

Does the light cartridge emit heat?

No. There is no exothermic reaction involved. The light cartridge remains perfectly cool to the touch and safe.

Are the chemicals safe?

Absolutely. The chemicals in our light cartridge contain no substances that are hazardous or dangerous.

How do I discard the products after use?

There is nothing you need to disassemble or deactivate. Simply toss the entire device into your clinical waste container. No worries about chemicals or batteries.

Do the light cartridges emit heat?

No. There is no exothermic reaction involved. The light cartridges remain perfectly cool and safe.

Are the chemicals safe?

Absolutely. The chemicals in the light cartridge contain no substances that are hazardous, toxic, or carcinogenic.

Are the products environmentally safe? Recyclable?

Comparing our products to what you may be currently using, we are more environmentally sound. We use no harsh chemicals nor do we use batteries which require special handling in order to be recycled. Our light chemistry is completely nonhazardous to the environment and the plastic can be easily recycled.

Are Cyalume’s medical products FDA approved?

Cyalume Technologies, Inc. abides by the FDA’s regulations. We take great measures to be in complete compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

How are the products packaged and what sizes are available?

Our products are designed and packaged to provide you with everything you need to use them. There are no other parts, batteries or rechargers needed.

What other supplies or parts do I need to buy?

Our products are designed to be used one time and then disposed of properly. We strongly urge clinicians against re-using single-use items as that practice poses potentially serious consequences.

Can your products be re-used?

No. The light cartridge is intended to be activated just the one time and discarded with the device. Also, our products are designed to be single-use only to effectively eliminate any risk of cross-contamination. Cleaning a single-use product for re-use takes extra time and expense which contradicts the purpose, and you have better things to do.

What is the shelf-life of your products?

All of our products have a 2-year expiration date.