The Brilliant Technology Behind Our Vaginal Speculum and Light Devices

Producing usable chemical light requires the interaction of four key ingredients, each of which are 100% non-toxic and safe for patient care applications. These ingredients are:

SpecuLume EZ How it Works

The Oxalate Ester and Hydrogen Peroxide combine to produce chemical energy, and the Catalyst controls the rate at which the chemical energy is produced. The Fluorescer absorbs the chemical energy and converts it to light. The color of the light produced depends solely on the fluorescer used, so different fluorescers will produce different colors of light.

Cyalume Technologies produces non-toxic, environmentally safe chemical lighting devices by combining the Oxalate Ester and the Fluorescer in one solution. The Hydrogen Peroxide is kept separate from them. One solution is contained in a small sealed glass vial and floated in a closed plastic tube containing the other. When light is needed, pinching the plastic tube breaks the glass.