Combining Chemiluminescence with a Plastic Speculum

To deliver diffused light directly to the area of examination, our specula devices rely on the power of chemiluminescence –an environmentally and patient-safe chemical reaction that creates no heat. For an in-depth look at the science behind chemiluminescence, visit our technology page.

Activating the reaction to create chemical light and begin an examination is incredibly easy. Simply break the small, contained ampule vial to mix the two key solutions –this will create an immediate reaction that can be accelerated by shaking the light device.

SpecuLume EZ How it Works
This reaction, and the light it creates, will last for more than 15 minutes, delivering ideal diffused light for OB/GYN exams. After the exam is complete, simply discard the device as medical waste, eliminating the need for rechargers and further re-sanitation processes.